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Hi Sonic,
I started on remeron about 2 weeks ago and at first it made me go right to sleep but then about an hour later I'd wake up very nervous and I'd stay awake for about 2 hours but now I'm sleeping pretty good. Hopefully the longer I'm on it the better I will sleep..Before remeron I was sleeping about 3 hours a night so I think it is great stuff..
I took remeron for four years and the main side effect initially for me was weight gain (which tapered off) and some constipation. The first week I was on it I also felt a little dazed. It worked really well but Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) got me off of all meds in a remarkably short period of time. You may want to read a book on it like "Feeling Good" or "Been There Done That Do This"
Good luck!
remeron and celexa are both antidepressants of different types, these meds often reduce anxiety and panic attacks a lot but early side effects can be severe for some, sadly they cant be predicted, so several antidepressants sometimes need to be tried to find 1 that works and can be lived with
valium type meds also help a lot.
Thanks for the replys~~~
I took one last nite,,& boy, did I pass out!!
Today i felt kinda foggy headed & real jittery..I can tell they are NOT 4 me,,so maybe I'll just "clean out" my system for a few wks?
I still have some Celexa if I run into trouble,,but I really dont like the way the remeron made me feel. :(
I agree about the Valium,,it helps me alot,,but my dr. HATES to prescribe it...dumb huh?
benzos (valium) are never a perm solution =b. I love it too lol.
Remeron takes 2 weeks to get out of your system, sucks dosent it :(.