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For the last forty years I have been taking some sort of an anti-anexiety medication. From Triavil in the 60's to Buspar in the 00'. Most worked for awhile then the anexiety decided to overcome the effects of the meds. It still amazes me how much uncontrolled anexiety punishes the body. I went off Ativan six months ago. Mainly because it stopped being that effective on me. Coming off that drug went better than I expected. But I still needed something. The doctor reminded me of the "bell curve" and where I fit with regards to anexiety; over on the edge. Went on Remeron 30mg at night. That really did not cut the panic attacks, sweaty hands, shaking hands etc. It did help with the mood elvation and getting a good night sleep. He increased the Remeron to 45mgs and added Buspar 15mgs. With only five days on Buspar I think it may be working. It's a little early but so far so good. My problem and the reason for writing is my blood pressure has gone up. I am on BP medications also (Diovan). Headache for me is a sign the BP is up. In the back of the head. Wonding if anyone else on this "brew" of medications experienced this? Maybe the body will adjust to this new medication. Comments greatly appreciated.

remeron and the other antidepressants reduce anxiety and panic attacks in about 70% of cases, buspar is a tranquilliser that is promoted as making antidepressants work better

you should also be learning relaxation and anxiety and panic attack coping skills
many books are available