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  1. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice
    ... rescription drugs and concerned about interactions (Valium, Remeron and Valtrex). Thanks Fred...
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  2. Prevacid side effects??
    ... wait & see....I really suspect the antidepressant ( Remeron ) is the culprit for a lot of my "weirdness". I was...
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  3. Miracle Drug for GERD (with proviso)
    ... let you all know about my "miracle" experience with Remeron . This is an antidepressant medication, but a few ... know about its use for stomach acid problems. Remeron actually INcreases stomach acid, which you may be ... etc., which did not work. When I started taking Remeron for depression, the GERD I had had for 10 years disappeared ... within days. Here is the proviso: Remeron can greatly increase your appetite, especially for ... talked to who experienced this "GERD miracle" from Remeron . Try to find a doctor who is aware of Remeron for...
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