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I do feel for you, I have been on Requip for about two years. I have had restless legs for years but did not know the medical term for it. I had complaned to my OB/GYN and my family doctor with no results, I was told to try a hot bath and a tylenol. I started seeing a neurologist for migranes he gave me an antidepressant and it did help the migranes but kicked the RLS into over drive. I was on Requip for my RLS and I stopped taking the AD, there was a definite connection. Because of some personal issues I stared taking a low dose of Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks and it did not seem to clash with the RLS or the Requip. On my last visit I was put on Neurotonin and Requip. (I am now trying to slowly reduce the Requip) I hate having to take anything, but I have got to get some sleep! I hope that this imformation helps you on your journey!!
Prozac taken every other day seems to help me even though Zoloft made my symptoms worse. I also take Requip, Neurontin, and Ambien. I experience a few side-effects which include excessive yawning, cold chills, and some nausea, but at least I get some sleep. I've been on literally every kind of anti-psychotic, Parkinson's, and SSRI medications trying to alleviate some of my symptoms, and after four years the above mentioned meds finally work to some degree. I sleep at least six hours and still get up not rested, but at least I sleep. I hope some day, someone will come up with a "cure"...guess we'll have to wait 'til then. Sweet Dreams are made of these...Requip, Neurontin, and Ambien. ;)
I have a question for the group. I recently switched from Requip to Mirapex for RLS (the Requip seemed to make the rebound symptoms much worse) and I'm having great results with the Mirapex, but I have become much more irritable (already taking Effexor 37.5 mg). Does anyone know why or if the Mirapex causes the irritability and any suggestions for how to fix it?

I thought a dopamine antagonist was what the Parkinson's drug REQUIP was and that's why it also works for RLS? Am confused.