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Hey Linda, This is actually a pretty common problem. If you talk to your doc, He would likely work your through the anti parkinsons meds like Miripex and Requip, or try Folic acid and when all else fails Klonopin "clonazepam" helps. It also ccurs with morphine from the M6g metabolite and with methadone. I don't recall folks on duragesic having the problem but I wouldn't discount anyone on it that says they too have the same problem.

I couldn't tolerate the nausea of the anti parkinsons meds and folic acid didn't help so my doc finally went with Klonopin and that seems to help as much as anything. Klonopin has a very long half life 30+ hours and is also an anti seizure med which may help with neuropathic pain like the other antiseizure meds. It's also the prefered drug for long term treatment of anxiety that doesn't respond to the SSRI's. Benzo's can also potentiate opiates however docs try to keep daily dosages down because high doses of any benzo prevent the formation of new memories and cause physical dependence. You don't tend to have rebound anxiety with Klonopin because of the long half life.

The jerking can be a real problem if it's preventing you from reaching REM sleep so it is a side effect that needs to be treated. You might want to try Folic acid if you don't have an apt with your doc for a few weeks. If I rememebr corectly, I was taking 1-2 grams of folic acid,That's 1000-2000mgs. I needed a script to get that strength but you may be able to find Folic at a health food store. Do a little research to find the safe dosage ranges before trying Folic acid on your own. Good luck, Shore