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My doctor sent me to a neurologist about two weeks ago. He gave me a very low dosage of Requip (.25 mg). I couldn't believe how well it worked for me - even at that low of a dosage. It doesn't completely take away the creepy-crawly sensation, but it seems to help me sleep.

Did any of you have the same luck with Requip? Would a higher dosage take away the creepy-crawly sensation?

Hi, my neurologist has had me on Requip for a little over a year. It does seem like a miracle drug. I would reccomend that if the low dose is atleast helping stay on it until it stops helping before going up. I also started out low and now am 2mg per night and one at mid day. It helps me to take it at a consistant time every night about 1 1/2 hours before bedtime. My only problems have been that I had to stop taking Elavil, I was taking it for migranes because it aggravated my Rls and once I wake up in the mornings I can not go back to sleep. It does not seem to matter if it is three or six, my legs start up until I am exhausted from the tossing and turning or get mad and get up. Yes,I have tried walking around and jumping up and down, I even tried drining Tonic water, it was awful. I hope that this helps you, good luck.
I Started Taking Requip Approx 1 1/2 Yrs Ago. .25mg Is What He Started Me On Also. It Seemed To Be Doing Fine For A While. With-in A Year I Was Taking 2mg. The Rls Was Also Becoming A Problem W/my Arms. Also Mid-day Was Difficult To Drive My Route.he Put Me On 3mg. Requip Makes Me Feel Sick To My Stomach .also Do You Find It Hard To Keep Your Eyes Open? It Feels Like Weights Are Pulling At My Eyes, Blurred Vision. Because Of This I Took 1/2 Tablet @ Lunch And 2 1/2 Tablets At Bedtime.this Seemed To Doing Fine. Approx 2-3 Months Of The Increase, I Suffered A Seizure. Non Epileptic I Asked If Could Be Themeds,they Said No.read Your Information Pamphlet From Your Pharmacy. Alot Of The Symtoms Re: Reqiup Are The Same. At Least In My Case. I Have Switched To Mirapex. He Said They Are In The Same Family Of Meds. Well Slightly Different.50mg To Start Off With. I'm Back To The Problems At Night W/rls. I Know Requip Was Doing O.k. But I Lost My License For 6 Months And Can't Return To Work Yet. I'm Just Tring To Rule Out Any Possibilities

Not Trying To Discourage, Just Wanting To Help!!
I take 1.5mg of Requip and it is great! I can really tell when I am late in taking it...or forget! Been on this regime for nearly 12 months, adjusting the amount and time. Haven't had success with magnesium but will try again with the suggested dose of 1000mg. Worth a try! I HATE this RLS...but love reading these posts!

Good luck all you dancin' feet!