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I Had My First Seizure March 2004. The Er Said That I Could Control The Seizure If I Wanted To.this Was Soooo Confusing To Me. I Could Not Speak, Or Open My Eyes On Command. I Was Told If I Don't Responed To Them I Would Have A Tube Down My Throat. Well Even With That Being Said, I Still Had No Control Over The Situation. She Did Not Follow Through W/the Tube Thank Goodness. Im Not Sure How Long The Spells Last. Sometimes I Could Hear And Sometimes I Went Out.they Kept Sending My Husband Out Of The Room. They Were Cold Blooded To Me. I Would Ask A Question And They Were Rude.
I Followed Up W/my Md. He Asked If I Was Depressed Or Stressed. I Did Not Feel Depressed.the Stress Issue. Everyone Has Some Stress From Time Ot Time.i Did Not See It As A Problem .he Wanted To Send Me To A Stress Counselor. I Replied, No I Dont Feel Thats The Problem. I Also Have Restless Leg Syndrome. The Meds For That Is Also For Parkinsons.3mg Of Requip. I Thought It Could Be Side Effects From A Recent Dose Increase. The Docs Said No. April 9 I Was Admitted In The Hospital. I Had A Spell During A Follow Up Appointment W/ My Md. All The Test Came Out Normal. Eeg,mri,ct Scan, Blood Work.
I Was Diagnoised W/ Pseudo Seizures. I Never Heard Of This Before. After It Was Explained To Me, I See Why The Er Was Being Soooo Cold Towards Me.(unfair) I Was Sent To Ucla For A Second Opinion. They Said I Was A Complicated Case Just As My Home Town Docs Has Said. Since All The Test Came Out Normal, They Also Came Up W/ Seeing A Counslor.
I Am Still Having Seizures. The Pamphlet That Comes W/med From The Pharmacy Re: Requip Are Sooo Simular To The Spells. Clozapam Also. Docs Still Say No.
Two Days Ago I Guess I Came To Grips With Letting The Doc Set Up A Appointment W/ A Counselor. I Need To Look At This From All Angles. I Do Understand Your Fiancee When He Says Everythings O.k.
That Is What I Was Feeling. Well I Still Do, But I Need Answers As Im Sure He Does To. It's Like A Dark Cloud Following You. I Lost My License For 6 Months. I Asked How Long I Would Need To Go W/o A Spell. The Doc Said Even If I Make It 6 Months And Get Them Back,the 7th Months I Could Have A Spell Because They Said They May Never Find The Source Of The Seizures. I Have No Seizure Control Meds Because My Tests Have Been Normal.
I Am Also Going To Have A 24 Hr Eeg Test Also.
What Are The Meds You Fiancee Take? Since His Test Come Out Normal Maybe This Is Something I Could Look Into W/my Docs.

Thanks, Petals