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Hi Director, Because switching away from meth wasn't financially possible we looked at ways to manage the herky jerks caused by Meth and morphine. I'm not sure what part of meth actually causes the jerking, but with morphine it happens from one of the two metabolites morphine breaks down into. It's the M6G metabolite from morphine, Bt the treatment options are the same.

They treat it like restless leg syndrome. My doc tried Miripex and Requip, both parkinsons meds that control dopamine, There is a new parkinsons med called NEMANDA that is also a potent NMDA receptor blocker if you have folowed previous discusions as to the benefit of this.

Then I tried Niacin with still no luck and eventually I tried Klonopin which manages 60%-70% of the jerking. Even though it's not enough to wake you all the time, It will interfere with normal sleep patterns and make you feel like you tossed and turned all night.

If changing opiates isn't an opion then you can attempt to treat the side effect. I know treatng side effects get old. But what your experiencing isn't that uncommon and there are ways to manage it. There is no doubt you would benefit from improved sleep quality.

Nice to see you posting again director, Did you end up having to leave the state to find treatment or where you able to find someone locally to manage your pain. If I recall you live in one of those hot spots the media loves to focus on.
Goood luck, Dave