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Hello group,

I Don't have PD,but hope you can help w/side effects for P/D meds.
I have taken requip for restless leg syndrome. The doc increased my dose from .25 to 3mgs.I was having side effects with requip, so i took them at night. clozepam was added to help me through the night.
I changed to mirapex hoping this will make a difference with side effects. well so far no change. I took requip for approx 2yrs.clozepam as needed only for two months. March of this year I started having seizures(non epileptic).I'm still going through testing. EEG, CT SCAN, MRI normal. cleared also by a stress counselor.I'm going 2hrs away for a 3rd opinion.The docs tell me it's not the meds, but i'm not so sure. The pharmacy pamphlet side effects are some what simular to my spells. Any input will help when I visit the specialist next week.