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I Started Out Taking Requip .25 Mgs After 1 1/2 Yrs I Went To 3mgs.
I Would Alway Take Them W/food Or Else I Would Feel As If I Was Going To Barf. Dry Mouth Was Always A Issue.
When The Last Increased From 2 To 3 Mgs I Started Having Bad Side Effects(docs Say Its Not The Meds).clonazepam Was Added As Well At Bedtime. My Memory And Concentration Was Effected As Well. After The Increased Dose Of Requip, I Started Having Seizure Like Activity. Eeg Showed Non Epi. I Was Taken By Ambulance. A Month Later, My Doc Admitted To The Hospital For Further Testing. 4 Days Later, All Test Mri,ct Scan,eeg, Blood Came Back Normal.still They Said It's Not The Meds. I Had Them Change Me To Mirapex Anyway.these Meds Are In The Same Family,but I Thought It Was Worth A Try. I Feel I Gave Them A Good Try, 1 1/2months. The Spells Continued. I Went 2hrs Away For A 3rd Opinion. Over The 3 Day Testing,i Was Given Different Meds,seroquel To Help The Nerve Endings, And Slow Fe Iron Replacement Because Im A Enemic. The Doc Stated My Body Was Not Getting Good Blood Flow Due To Low Iron.the Iron Treatment Is Slow Going(6 Months). I Am Being Weaned Off Of Mirapex And I Haven't Had Any More Of Those Seizure Like Spells.quit Clonazapam As Well. Boy I Cant Wait Till The New Meds Build Up In My Systom. I Feel In Motion Most Of The Time. I Due Still Experiance Memory And Concentration Problems, And I Get Very Fatigue. Sorry To Rattle On And On!!

Hope This Helps, Petals