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Hey Twist, the charts are just guides and shouldn't replace patient reporting. From what I have experienced, Oxy is stronger than morphine, so a decrease there is expected, As far as replacing 10 mgs of Oxy IR with 2mg dilaudid, It's acurate on the charts , but the best charts will do is hopefully keep you from experiencing withdrawal, and defintely to prevenmt patient overdose.

The twitch is caused by the M6g metabolite, Been there, done that and read plenty about it. It can be treated with the same meds for restless leg syndrom, The antiparkinsons meds.I didn't tolerate miripex or requip well and My doc had me try high doses of niacin and eventually we found Klonopin worked well and has a long half life to prevent any withdrawal effect between doses.

The one thing about dlaudid, Although it's a great IV pain med and perfectly suited for PCA. Orally, it has a shorter half life than oxy and generally lasts 30-60 minutes less.
But 2mg may seeem like an increase to you and you may think wonder drug and cheap.

Funny thing happened to me trying to fill my BT meds, Dilaudid, 4mg. My great pharmacy at sams where everything is 1/3 the price didn't have any. It comes tomorrow, So I figure I go to the next on my list, Walgreens, The same genric dilaudid made by Mekllenkrodt was 56 bucks at Walgreens and 26 bucks at Sam's, Walgreens to my dismay says they don't price match. No way, so I go to Eckerds, all on different corners of the intersection. I ask eckerds what the price was, 76 bucks for the same med, same dose, same manufacturer. But they do match price. I have paid attn to the signs hanging in front of the pharmacy, I pulled out my tab I keep in my wallett from my last fill of dilaudid, they confirmed it and I got the 76 dollar dilaudid at Eckerds for 26 and change. 1/3 their normal price

Buyer beware, you friendly neighbohod pharmacist is 10 times worse then the idea most people have of the ordinary car salesman trying to make a living when the client thinks the salesman is trying to get you when all the time, the sales manager and finance office are figuring out a way to transfer the profit to the back end "financing" where the salesman makes squat and the dealerships makes a killing. 40-5o bucks a car on most promo deals. I was in that buisness for 4 years and there isn't much more than 10% profit on the price of any new car, used is a different story and financing is where most get bent. Rebates change things but folks that think a 16 K car can be bought for 11 or 12, Unless there is a 5k rebate I showed em the door or snapped them into reality. Take 10% off MSRP and your getting it for dealer cost. All the add on ademedums are just added profit to negotiate back down to the 10% profit made on MSRP. That's the truth of new cars.Higher end with extra luxury may be 12-15 % but usually have the big rebates, Sorry to ramble off. It just made me sick knowing what this stuff cost and what the big chains want you to pay.Walkgreens and eckerds will seell it 100% or 200% higher than the store across the street and smile.

But when the pharmacist smiles to poor old widowed Ms Johnson, and plays concerned healthcare worker, He knows exactly what his company is doing, particulary because the get a bonus on pushing generics where the profit margins reach the 1000's. She pays 3 times the amount in cash, out of her social security check for the exact same med she can get by walking across the street. But my pharmacist is nice and will look out for me. PLEASE. The KY is there on the counter for a reason.
Take it easy, Dave