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Hey Flox, You pretty much have it, It's called a dual phasic release, the first half of the dose 5mgs of a 10mg OxyContin is released at about 45-60 minutes, then it enters the bowel and the second half starts releasing arounf the 6th hour untill it's depleated. Actually seeing ghost pills "hollow shells" in your stool is very normal and doesn't mean you haven't absorbed the contents, not that I ever checked one out and gave one a squeeze, :eek: but it is mentioned and I have seen them when i used OC. I just never reached dose that worked.

Opiates having no cap or ceiling means exactly that. If you aproach the dose in a safe manner so that your acommadated with each dose increase, there is no limit to what you can take. The only exception is demerol, which isn't used for CP because it can buld up a metabolite that causes seizures. I've met folks taking over 1000mgs of oxycontin a day, I know one guy that wears 4 100ugh patches, takes Kadian and usetakes methadone every day plus BT meds. Another guy that was in the medical field used 10 100ugh patches at a time before switching to 160mgs of meth X 4.

Most people will acomadate to the respirtory supressive effects of any dose as long as you aproach it slowly. With the short half life drugs yo can usually increase 50% every week untill you find relief, at the end of 6 momths you may be at 1200mgs a day, but if that's what it takes that's what it takes. You wouldn't be any more impaired orthan you may feel now. That side effect deminishes. The only sde effect that increases with dose is constipation because opiates relax smooth muscles and stop the normal bowel contractions. This also explains why some folks have a problem with urinary retention. usually the only dose limiting factor wold be side effects. You reach a point where side effects are just to bothersome and you would need to change meds or consider a pump.

Opiates cause no liver, kidney, heart , any organ damage. The only way they couldharm you is if you increase so fast your body doesn't have time to accomadateto each increase.

I forgot about my friend that use to see Dr Horowitz up in Northern Va, My wies store filled his scripts when Dr H was still in practice and she was still in the pharamcy biz. His dose was 1800mgs of morphine a day and 200mgs of methadone as his last dose to help with sleep. Morphine can cause restless leg syndrome which can be dealt with in many ways, changing that last dose, Requip or miripex , folic acid or Klonopin will manage restless leg syndrome. Don't let the doses scare you, these folks once reaching that dose were able to sustain it for several years, It was just a matter of finding what worked.

I have seen more people having a problem with Oxycontin tolerance and needing increasing doses every few months, which is just an indicator there is probably a better med they could find, and a dose they could sustain for some time.

Basically you just need to replace the amount of deficient endorphins and enkephlins that CP patients are not producing to manage their pain. Once the dose is reached, It can be sustained. I did it for years on Meth and morphine LA. Rotating meds can help, rotating BT meds, Mixing opiates to cover more receptors. It's just a matter of your docs phylosophy. Unfortunately I see too many docs that have a mental limit. Like if you reach 120 mgs of Oxycontin it's time to change it, or if the 100UGH patch doesn't work, time to change. What difference does it really make between 400mgs of morphne a day and 600. Your still dependent, you can still be tapered down if the pain generator is relieved and their is truly no ceiling on anyones dose as long as it's aproached safely, alowing you to acommadate to each increase..

It would be very hypocrytical on my part to call anyone's dose high. My previous dose of opiates was 600mgs of morphine plus another 120mgs of oxy at a time. I presently use 2-3 30mg roxicodone for BT pain. The BT dose needs to be proportional to the base dose to be effective. Norco would be like tic tacs to me where it may help someone else .

I look at it like a bell curve they used in grading. Some folks are on the far left and get relief from lower doses or ultram, some are at the top of the curve and some are on the far right.

There are situations when someone is treating a problem that could be surgically corected with high doses, LIke 800mgs of OxyC a day and another 6-8 1600 microgram Fenatnyl pops "Aqtiq" for BT, when they probably could have had surgery but at that dose no surgeon will touch them now.

But , YUP, there is no limit to the tolerance you can develop to reach an effective dose. 1 1600mic Actiq delivers the same amount of fentanyl that 16 100ugh patches deliver in one hour at their peak effectiveness. You have so much room you shouldn't even be thinkng about not asking for an increase if your still hurting.

I know we don't want to make waves, loose what we have and fly under the radar, but when your choice is to be bed ridden or to tell the truth about the effectiveness, I'll tell the truth. If you were taking more than 3 norco a day, your present dose is a decrease in meds, that could explain the anxiety and feelings your describng as the dose wears down even lower. As your dose increases, you may be able to crerate a 3rd dose to maintain smooth coverage if the doc won't go there. Say if you were taking 40 mgs in the am and 60 in the PM, I would try 40-20-40 to bridge the gap.

Sorry it took so long to reply, I tripped getting out of the shower and I'm paying for it now and don't expect to be on the forum in the next couple days. Day 2and 3 after an axcdent or injury are usually when things really start kickin.

Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for the compliment. It's still running through my mind, what voter did GB help by signing a law that says you can't even bring a one month supply of meds across the border. How about a law that says if you sell it to canada for X you must sell it to the american public that pays for the research granst and tax breaks they recieve for the same price.

He didn't help a single citizen with that law. But he did help the Pharma industry to ensure thay can make a 500,000% markup on #100 1mg Xanax. 50 pills is a month supply of what med? So you still have to buy some in the US and you pay more the less you get. I think we need a Nixon smiley that says I am not a crook.

I remember watching an ER program and this guy was pissed that tried to OD on Heroin. He shot up 400 dollars worth of black tar tring to kill himself, 10 bucks would make most folks puke their guts out. His tolerance was so high, he couldn't afford to OD, and black tar isn't cut. He had slowly worked his tolerance up to the point of virtually being impossible to OD. So nows he's alive and owes the dope man $400. Ooops

Have a good one and please understand if I'm not around much this weekend, every hour that passes something new is hurting. The messed up thing is MY BT meds can be refilled on sunday, But Sams club, where all my meds are 1/3 to 1/2 of what Eckerds and Walgreens charge isn't open sunday, so I have to make do with the remaining BT meds I have untill monday unless I want to pay twice as much. Which isn't going to happen. :eek:
Take care, Dave