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How much weight have yall gained using Neurontin ? I gained close to 50 lbs , so I got off of it and changed to Requip. My dr. said that drs are using this drug now to treat neuropathic pain. Has anyone tried it.
Hi girls,

No I have not heard of Requip. I have zonegraine which is suppose to make you loose weight and I haven't, nor have I gained from the neurontine for that matter. I had another EMG. and I have Peroneal Palsey in my right calf and nerve damage in my calf and sole of my foot. It should feel at 4 and doesn't feel till 7. I didn't ask as many questions as I know I should because I'm always a little stumped and surprised at it all. I'm now on 1 neurontine in the a.m. and 3 Zonegraine at night. Thing is if I ever get into a situation that I'm cut off them I could have the seizures there supposed to be stopping me from having. Anyway the elbows barly register on the EMG. I was offered another drug. I don't have the "specs" in front of me. I was told to read about it first. It is considered a controled substance and that it makes one feel very HAPPY. I don't know if I want to appear that happy in front of the people I work around they will think I'm absoulutly looney!

Karie hope your good streak lasts awhile. Hard to imagine the winter is upon us so soon. It was hot for so long. Another year gone.

You guys take care.