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Hey James, Just couple tips, As far as sleep, It may resolve itself or you may be xperiencing a side effect of methadon e that causes restless leg syndrome or night jerking or twitching. The only way to find out is have someone observe yu for a while as you sleep. "a home sleep study" if you don't have a live in relationship try a cam corder pointed at yourself. It's normal to twitch a little as you fall asleep and muscle relaxer, but it can get much more severe, to the point of DX it as restless leg syndrome or as I all it the herky jerks. There are several meds that can help, They use Requip, Mirepex and klonopin when ther methods fail, I also tried a prscription strenght Vitamin, I think it was pottasium. But the first thing is to see if the jerking is what's waking you up, then you go about finding ways to manage it. I read of mild sleep problems to absolutely bizarre behavior like clawing at the headboard and kicking partners right out of bed. I don't really think sleep comes easy to many CP patients but with meth, being tired just sets you up to nod out at inapropriate or dangerous times. Be very careful driving untill you are well accomadated to the side effects from your present dose. Driving can be hypnotic on it's own and throwing meth into the mx can be very dangerous.

As far as the labido thing, have your testosterone levels checked. Mine fell like a rock when I was taking meth, down to around 100, where normal T levels for men are in the 220-400 range. I used Androgel which helped quite a bit.

First they usually do a CT to make sure it's a not a problem like a pitiuitary tumor, most are benign and aren't that uncommon, but presssure on the pituitary gland can cause your T levels to drop, so ruling that out is important.

They did follow up blood work and checked T levels 8 weeks into therapy and with 1 gel pack a day, the stuff comes in a packet of alcohol based gel, Kinda like smearing sterno on your chest. Close your eyes and don't take a deep breath because the ethol smell is rough untill it dries and is absorbed but it's faily fast drying and no residue. At the 8 week mark I had risen from 100 too 210, I was still sligtly below normal so I went to 2 packs a day, At that point I became superman and when they tested me 8 weeks later I was arond 480, well above normal, so I would alternate 2 one day and 1 pack the next. They also make a patch and you can get weekly shots, but the shots don't sustain a constant level, but are good for weekend activity.

The interesting thing was when I switched from meth to kadian, I had a new insurance plan so I jumped to get off the meth. I had been on Kadian about 8 weeks when it was time for my check up with the endocrinologist. Without the meth in my system and using the androgel, my levels rose above 800, so I stopped it completely. Bottom line is you don't have to live with that problem , and it's fairly common with meth for men and women. Testosterone wil also restore a womans labido in most cases.
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I think director tried Androgel for a while too, I don't recall the outcome, but am curious. as to why he stopped or didn't mention it.

Bulk fiber and softeneters help, but the problem is that opiates stop the smooth muscle contractions that move things along. You can become impacted if you don't use some type of maint plan either MOM, Ducasate sodium or when things are bad the silver bullets work but can cause cramping. If your really miserable ask your pharmacist for some magnesium citrate. It's the liquid nitro used in Xprep kits used prior to GI studies. It may be on the shelf or just ask for it at the pharmacy. No script needed.

If you become impacted, bulk fiber will just make things worse and make you more bloated so be careful if you consuming alot of fiber without results. Everyone has their own tricks but when things get bad you need more than a softener and fiber, Senna tea , Sennakot, anything to cause the contractions needed to get things moving. I can usually get by with raisen bran and I'm a coffee hound. But maintaining constant output is important, some folks can become impacted and that's very serrious and the cure isn't fun. Manual unimpaction at the ER. If you thought prostate checks were bad you haven't experienced the mining process of a gloved hand.LOL

But likely you will find what works for you. If things get uncomfy for me I use a prescription med called Kristaloose, It's just a powdered version of lactaloose, a strong softner and lots of coffee works. You just have to find what works for you that doesn't double you over with cramps.

But there is an answer for everything you mentioned. It takes a couple of blood tests and trial and error to get everything working but things can return to fairly normal.
Good luck, Dave