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He Sheely, Itching is another side effect that deminishes with time,if you had a rash it wold ndicate a n alergy but plain itching or your nose running or conjested is simply a hystamnine rlease caused by opiates. All opiates cause some type of hystamine reaction which causes the itching, Morphine or any opiate can also cause sleeping problmes as can most opiates. Methadone causes the least amount of hystamine release but I would bet meth would take longer to titrate and the side effects would be more pronounced as far as drowsinesss, Nodding off is fairly common untill your well accomadated to meth, so is sweating profusely. There really isn't an absoltely ideal drug that has no side effects that anyone cantake at work.

Side effects are just something we have to ut up with or treat. Some of the anti parkinsons meds like miripex or requip can reduce restless leg syndrome at night, so does klonopin. RLS is another side effect some foks have with opiates.

I was disabled and bed ridden before long acting meds were offered. So I didn't have to deal with side effects while trying to focus at work. But every med I evr tried took at least 4 adjustements in dose to find pain relief, which takes 6-8 weeks. The pmp took over 15 adjustments and 6 months to really get better relief than orals, So
The weekend is a good time to make a med adjustment but I doubt 2 days is enough time to become accomadated to all the side effects. It may take weeks for some of the bothersome side effects to deminish.

The LA meds were designed for when people need to take these meds for months or years so a couple weeks adjusting to each dose is just part of the process of managing pain that only responds to opiates. A few weeks to get pain that's been uncontrolled for months or years is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. Just like the process of trial and error with diffeent opiates and differnt doses. But if you rule a med out to quickly you will run through them all in a matter of weeks. All you have is OxyC, Morphine, Fentanyl, LA Dilaudid "Palladone" and methadone at the moment. There are only 5 real choices of LA opiates, there are several versions of morphine but morphine is morphine, the only difference is the release system.

Prialt which is non opiate is being used in pumps, and there are some combination opiate agonists/antagonist that might be worth a try before you become dependnet on opiates and the antagonist action of some of these meds can cause withdrawal in an opate dependnet patient.

You may have beter luck with something like stadol or Buprenex "Subutex", Talwin NX
or one of the other combination meds. But don't discount them too quickly or their won't be anything else to try
The closest thing to the perfct opiate is one delivered directly to the spinal cord in tiny quantities that don't run through your entire body. Like the morphine pump, dilaudid or several of the fentanyls can be used in combnation with bupivicaine or baclofen and clonodine. But it's a huge step to go from Vicodin to an implanted pump.

With intrathecal meds, they are hundreds of times more potent, don't have all or as severe side effects that high dose oral opiates have and because so little is actually delivered you still manufacturer endorphins. For example that 600 mgs of Kadian is easily replaced with 10 mgs of intrahecal morphine, It doesn't leave the spinal fluid and you don't have all the side efffects of drugs that run through your body systemically. I still have a histamne release every now and then and my nose gets stuffy. Sleeping is still a major problem, If I move I wake up, regardless of what I take. It's just something I deal with and drink lots of cofee in the day.

If it makes you feel any better, your simply describing the top 5 side effects of all opiates, you haven't mentioned constipation yet, but there is no such thing as the perfect, side effect free opiate. Most of the class 11, more potent opiates will induce any or all of these side effects in anyone, some people will have less with particular opiates but time is really the remedy for most side effects.

Some of the meds for side effects will treat more than one though. Visterill and Phenergan are both antihystamines used to treat nausea and itching.
Good luck, Dave