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Hi everyone. I have been a member of healthboards for a while, but am new to this forum. :wave:

I went to the dr's finally on Friday to talk about my legs b/c they are always bothering me & ppl are always saying to go & see what they say. They've bothered me for a long time, but it's gotten much worse lately. I can never sit still, always have to move them around & can't get comfortable no matter what. He said it sounded like RLS & gave me a 2 week trial of Requip.

I was just wondering if anyone else is on this? He said it's new. I've only taken it twice so far, but already my legs do feel better! I read that it's long-term tho, so I'd have to take it every day even if they don't hurt. It starts with .25mg for a few days, then goes up to .5 mg & then up to 1 mg... at least I think that's what it says, I don't have the trial pack thing in front of me.
Hello fellow sufferers, I joined Health boards to learn about my hubby's cancer, but here it is 3am and again I'm not asleep(RLS). I'm happy to hear of someone who has tried Requip. I read about the side effects and falling asleep , even while driving , has been experienced. So, I suffer being afraid to try it. Has that happened to anyone you know of?
Sharon TX :rolleyes: PS How long have you been taking Requip, Iharmon37?
I went for my follow up apt with my Dr Friday. I told him how the Requip has been working wonders for my legs. As I said in my above post, I had a 2 week sample pack, so now that I have been taking the 1 mg he gave me a prescription for that. We made another follow up for 2 months.

Sharon - I haven't had any negative side effects. He told me how they may cause me to be sleepy, & I am directed to take it before bed... but I haven't honestly found this to be the case with me. They don't make me tired at all & I do have problems with sleeping so I was hoping they would help. But even so I have been taking them around 9pm & will continue to do so, so I have never had any issues with falling asleep, esp at the wheel. I don't know anyone else taking Requip, so I can't speak for anyone else. If you suffer, you could give it a try & see how it affects you. Good luck!
I have been on Requip for nearly two months. I started with .25 mg 3 vx a day and each week worked up to 3 mg. It has worked wonders at night but I still have the problem in the early afternoon if I sit down or in the evening if I join others to play bingo or cards, etc. It is at those times that I still have to take 2 Ultram to fight the symptoms. They (Requip) make me very tired and after taking the 3 mg. I need to go to bed. The PA who gave me the prescription had never heard of this medication for RLS and prescribed 2 .25 mg. 3 x a day and worked my way up to the present doseage. Each time I upped the amount, I was sleepy for a day or two and did not drive. I checked the Requip website and they said to take it 1 -3 hours before bed with a maximum doseage or 4 mg. Does anyone else have the problem of daytime RLS after taking this medication? What kind of schedule did your doctor put you on for taking them?
Quote from shoxx:
Hello fellow sufferers, I joined Health boards to learn about my hubby's cancer, but here it is 3am and again I'm not asleep(RLS). I'm happy to hear of someone who has tried Requip. I read about the side effects and falling asleep , even while driving , has been experienced. So, I suffer being afraid to try it. Has that happened to anyone you know of?
Sharon TX :rolleyes: PS How long have you been taking Requip, Iharmon37?

Hi I take it at night along with clonazepam it helps me sleep. I would not take it the daytime tho.
magladynine - My dr also told me to take it at night & the bottle says to take before bed as well. I usually take it at 9pm. It doesn't really make me sleepy. My dr told me I am his first patient that he's ever used Requip for RLS, so I did the sample pack (2 weeks), now I have the prescription & I go back in 2 months for another follow up.
I have "severe" PLMS (Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome) and RLS. During my sleep study, I had a 16% sleep efficiency and over 70 interruptions due to movement. For me, Requip is a miracle drug. Originally, I was prescribed Mirapex, but could never reach a fully therapeutic dose b/c of nausea/vomitting. (I am generally hyper-sensitive to medications) Ugh!!! However, I've had absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS from Requip. Yes, it took me a few weeks to build up to a good dose, but the improvement in both RLS and PLMS is phenomenal.

Very best of luck and health to you!!
My neurologist put me on .5mg Requip 1-2 hours before bedtime this past June; and if needed to I could also take .5mg in the afternoon. I also read about the possibility of falling asleep. The neurologist said that probably would only happen with higher dosages (over 2mg a day).

I tried taking it in the afternoon and it made me feel sleeping. So now I only take it at bedtime and take 300mg of neurontin and sometimes 50mg of Ultram (tramadol) in the afternoon to get me through the rest of the day. This has worked very well.
I'm curious to hear how any of you would compare Requip to the Neurontin/Carbidopa-Levadopa regimen. Which has been more effective for you? And what about side effects? (Sounds like both cause drowsiness.) I've done the Neurontin/Dopa routine for many years, and it has done well for me, as long as I take as directed(every 8 hours); but, it seems like all I do is take pills - and, if I try to go without the medication during the work day, when I need to be alert, then I suffer with the RLS symptoms. I see my neurologist next week, and I'm wondering if I should try Requip - or just leave well enough alone.........
Are you saying that your Doctor put you on Neurontin/Carbidopa-Levadopa regimen for RLS and it does not make you sleepy? I am on a very low dose of Requip 0.25 mg I don't feel to drowsy on it alone only when I take the Clonazepam with it, because I also have sleep problems.
Yes, the Neurontin/Carbidopa-Levadopa DOES make me sleepy (although I think I have developed some tolerance to it through the years).... that is why I don't like to take it during the day, when I need to be alert. I have a "sit down" job, that requires all of my attention (mental health therapist); so I don't need to be drowsy OR be dealing with creepy, crawly legs. I'm sure you all can identify with how difficult it is to pay attention to anything else, when the RLS symptoms begin! It seems to be a real "Catch 22" situation for me - whether I take the daytime doses or not, either consequence is not pleasant. So, I was just wondering if anyone had been on Neurontin/Dopa and then switched to Requip - and, if so, how do their effectiveness and side effects compare?
No I have never been put on Neurontin/Carbidopa-Levadopa, Requip/Ropinirole is the same thing, and I know what you mean to be alert in the day with a job, or anything for that matter. My Doctor told me Requip was used to help people for parkinson disease and they found it helped with RLS, I think on a low dose it would help and not make you feel so sleepy!
My wife has been on Mirapex which has her restless legs under control. Our doctor says it is an off the shelf use for this Parkinson's drug. Requip is starting a big ad thing on TV, first educationl ,then an ad for the Requip since it has been approved by the FDA for restless legs. Our doctor says Mirapex does the same thing and may be cheaper. So far she has supplied us with free samples for the last several months.
Only side effects seem to be sleepyness during the day hours off and on.
I have some serious RLS problems waking up in the middle of the night with severe cramping. The Requip at the 1 Mg dosage has made a really big difference. Conversely, I am thinking of going back to the Klonopin because Requip really makes me sleepy for most of the next day.

I take medication for high blood pressure and also for high cholesterol so some of those medications may be increasing the effect of the Requip. I am going to use up my sample package and see if it improves but feel that it probably will not and will have to resort to the Klonopin which I really had started to dislike.
My Mother just got a prescription for Requip for her RLS, and she is only supposed to take half a pill. We tried cutting it, but it's shaped like a flying saucer so the bump in the middle prevents it. We took them back to the Pharmacist and he said "Can't help you". Bought a pill splitter and that doesn't work. This looks to me like the drug companies trying to make it harder for us to save money by taking half a pill. Other than that, Requip works great for her when nothing else has. Anyone else run into this problem or have a suggestion? :confused:
I do believe that Requip also comes in 0.25mg pills. While I understand that her doctior may have been trying to save your mom some money, he should have prescribed the 0.25mg tabs for her, especially if he knew that these were odd shaped pills.