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I have just started taking Requip recently for RLS. I am 23 years old & I've had problems with my legs over the years, used to just think it was growing pains or something & tried my best to ignore it. My legs are always moving around & could never get comfortable or get the feeling to go away. It was hard to explain it to my Dr when I finally decided to see if something could be done about this. For me, I can best describe it as a dull ache in my legs. He said it sounded like Restless Leg Syndrome, which I'd heard of before... but never thought this was what I was experiencing. He gave me a 2 week sample pack of Requip & it worked wonders. I went back for my follow up Friday & he was happy to hear that it has been helping a great deal, so he gave me a prescription & we made another apt for 2 months to follow up again.

Good luck!