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If you have a Doctor, Or a sleep clinic in your area make a apt. to talk to someone. I have Restless leg Syndrome, my sleep Doctor prescribed me
REQUIP/ROPINIROLE. It also makes you feel sleepy when taken it. I have found no side effects to this drug. And I recommend it
100% it was the answer for my legs that would not keep still at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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not newsome but i have a question you might could answer? is rls kind of the feeling you get when you're during your growing years? stupid me thinks im growing but the problem is im 25 hahah. it sure keeps me up usally i have to keep lifting my legs up and down for like an hour till it goes away

I think it does sound like RLS, there is a site for Restless leg syndrome on this health board. If you have a Doctor ask about a drug called requip for RLS.
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I have medicaid so I have no access to health care LOL!

Seriously, I can only go to those free clinics and county run facilities that are really quite awful. But I certainly can't go to a specialist. I can't even get my mental health needs met beyond having anti-depressants tossed at me once a month and a "looksee" for 15 minutes or less every three to four months by a county mental health employee. I'd pretty much have to be dying before I used that system for anything more than I do now.

That's to bad maybe if you go again and things are really making you nuts with Restless Leg Syndrome you can at least ask about this drug called REQUIP/ROPINIROLE IS THE GENERIC NAME. It really is used for Parkinsons disease and their is no coralation to RLS, but it helps with RLS. It does not hurt to ask about it. And their is a post on this health board site on RLS. :)