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Hey Flox, I can tell you what they tried on me, They started with the anti parkinsons meds. I don't think it takes alot to wake us so even a small twitch or maybe you having major twitches and jerking, can be a precurser to Parkinsons so my doc says. He said I'm 25% more likely than the average person to develop parkinsons. After years of other meds Elevill, Trazadone,ambien, just trying anything an everyting, even levequin and serequel "antispychotics" benzo etc we started with anti parkinsons meds. Requip, and miripex are parkinsons meds, that was the first line for twitching and jerking After that it was a prescription dose of a mineral, I can't remeber if it was Magnesium or Potassium citrate. It seemed odd but you will try anythng.

I had been Been Xanax as a way to try and relax or treat anxiety or really just something to help with the pain. I've never had an anxiety attack, but I can't catch my breath at some points when the pain is unmanageble and it helped. So they decded to switch me to Klonopin to treat the restless leg, replace the anti anxiety med and hopefully help with sleep. It helps the restless leg, and anxiety? but there is more too myoclonus than just restless leg as you know.

I could fall asleep, but staying asleep is entirely different. It's 2:30 am and I know if I went to bed at 11pm I could fall asleep but would be getting up now and stay up untill 4 or 5 then catching an hour if I was lucky.

My doc did give me some Tomazapam today, It's one I haven't tried and will try to use it sparingly so I don't become acomadated to it, but it sounds like another benzo intended to put you to sleep but that's not the problem. I'll let you know about the Restorill? "Tomazapam". Have you tried that one?

I definitely reach points where I think I'll snap and a spych ward and thorzine sounds good.LOL I can't say you get used to it, but this is the first new attempt at sleep in a year, So who knows. The crazy thought that more sugery is the only thing that will really make a difference in my life is occurng more frequently, and that's got to be a sign of insanity. LOL

Anyway, I hope you find something that works for you. Just thought I would share some cheese. My shrink did say that more pharma companies are focusing R&D on sleep, as our population of older people is rapidly growing, it's one of their major problems and the next big market in the drug industry. I guess we will see.
Take care, Dave