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Hi Kelly,
It's Kathy from thyroid board - I'm in the same boat - and I have the same questions about the sleep study thing - I haven't had the same luck with ambien and lunesta though - nothing seems to work - last night I only got 1/2 hour....I used to sleep too much all my life - but when my thyroid problems started my insomnia started - which leads me to believe my thyroid is not "stablized" either - despite what all my docs think....I am at a loss.....Let me know if you get any answers...I do know from what my hubby has said that I have restless leg syndrome and I have started a medication for that called requip - it has a ramping up period - so I can't say if it's helping yet or not - I'll let you know....
Best wishes,
Hi Kelley,
Thanks for your reply - I've been under treatment for my thyroid for a year and 1/2 and I've had many many tests on it - I have decided there's no such thing as a "resolved" thyroid - what do you say Kelly??? But yes, it's quite possible there could be more improvement there - like maybe a thyroidectomy???? Hopefully the requip will make a significant diff once I get to therapuedic dose......Thanks for your concern!
Take care and hopefully have a good night!!