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Hi All,
I've been on Ambien 10 (and 20 mg a night) which worked for while - Lunesta when Ambien quiet working - lunesta never worked - ambien CR - doesn't work - clonopin - worked for awhile - not anymore - all kinds of benzos, antihistimines etc.....is there any thing else I can try to sleep - my doc doesn't want to use trazadone and I can't take SSRIs.....melatonin leaves me in a stupor all day (and sometimes have nightmares on it) and doesn't really keep me asleep - I have RLS but the clono takes care of that but not the staying asleep or falling asleep - lately I've been getting 1/2 hour to maybe 2 hours a night - I'm losing my mind.....I'm depressed or BPII (not sure yet).....Doctor gave me requip to replace the clono - but I haven't started it - it doesn't help fall asleep anyway and I have GAD too....
Anyone have suggestions on how to treat this chronic insomnia??? I would greatly appreciate it....
Thanks so much,
Hi N,
I wanted to let you know that last night I took requip for the first time - along with my my usual cocktail of ambien CR, 3 clono, and 1 benadryl. Guess what - I got sleepy! I slept 5 hours....pretty hard with dreaming....Don't know how long it will last - doc wants me to to use it and as I ramp up, taper down the clono at bedtime and move that to daytime and decrease overall dose to 2 mg/day......just wanted to let you know in case it might be helpful to you - maybe you've already tried it....
Best wishes,
No, I haven't tried that. I don't have access to medications such as Requip or Ambien. The RLS is bad tonight. I put this linament called "BioFreeze" on my legs. Sometimes the cold/burning sensation helps a little. It's pretty intense it makes me chill. I also take magnesium, folic acid and iron every night. I guess that helps a lof of people but it doesn't do much for me. Of course mine is triggered mostly by the medications I have to take. ADs aren't good for RLS.

I'm really frustrated as I went to get my scripts filled the other day and they refused my Zoloft after years of being on it. Medicaid won't pay for it anymore unless I try Prozac and Celexa first. I think that's really crappy to force a med change on someone who has been taking a certain med for years. That could really put someone over the edge. Plus, I can't see my p-doc again for four months. You can't get her on the phone. She's only at the clinic a couple times a week for a few hours at a time. And I know she won't give a med change without seeing me first anyway. And there's no way you can get in at these county places like that. If you have to cancel and appointment it could be a month or more before you can get another. So I'm without my AD cold turkey.

I burned a bunch of my DVD TV Box sets onto my HD (I have 600GB) to watch when I can't sleep or am sick or whatever. So I guess that's what I'm going to get back to. Glad you got some relief.

Hi JB,
I have tried Seroquel and clono together - but thanks for the suggestion....I think I'm drug resistant or something?? Bulletin....thanks for the suggestion of tricyclic - might be something to ask the doc about - I am still ramping up on requip for RLS and hoping that will help whenever I get up to therapeutic dose.....
I have tried xanax - regular and ER and ativan and no help...a little work with relaxation techniques - have to admit I haven't worked as hard as I could with those - what is CBT - controlled breathing?? I've worked a little there....exercise would probably help - am trying there - have some other obstacles to that to get out of the way.....thanks everyone for your help - I am very grateful.....I am hopeful that this too shall pass some day.....
Best wishes to all,