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Hi countrygal,

Thanks for the advice and story. I am cold, almost all the time! Do any of yall have a sort of restlessness in your legs? I get it almost every evening. I am taking Requip, which is a new drug, and it does work. It works when I take it. But, my legs jiggling and jumpin about 6 pm. And I am not supposed to take my requip til 1 - 3 hours befoe bed.

Thanks again,

Hi Countrygal,

What you said on the 18th, is just what I mean. It is like my legs are nervous!!! They want to jiggle and jump and they just drive me crazy sometimes. Starts around 5 pm everyday (did not use to do this 1 mo. ago) and sort of comes and goes and then gets worse til my requip takes over. I usually make my legs go jiggle and jump and stomp my legs and such, to try to make the feeling go away!!! Sort of hard to explain.

When I go to my regular doctor (family) I will ask him, as he is the one that gave me the new med. And then, in about 1 mo. when I go back to my rheumatologist, I will also discuss this with her. I really do not want to do this forever.

Real shaking, jiggling and jumping of arms and legs and such, is a symptom of parkinsons (or an effect). My dad has that and they are tremors. He just barely has them, so far, and does not do it all the time!

Thanks for the info.

Hi msbsgblue,

Thanks for the information. So far, my family dr., just has me cutting my requip in half - which is very hard to do. I take 1/2 at 1 or 2 or 3 pm and the other half 1 - 3 hours before I go to sleep. But, it is getting to where I need a 3rd - 1/2 pill. Like to take in the am. My legs just seem to get nervous/restless all the time, unless I have taken a requip.

I will look for that over the counter drug/med. I live in Texas. Do you know if they have that here in our pharmacys?

I have heard something about quinine helping some other things as well!

Take care and thanks again.