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I Used meth for several years prior to the pump and use the same BT meds I use now. THere is a misconception that meth negates the effect of other opiates. It doesn't negate the anelgesic effect of other opiates but it will deminish the euphoria caused by BT meds or heroin if on meth for addiction maint. Not that some addicts on MM don't still do it, it just takes a much greater amount which makes using a drug to get high while on meth very dangerous because of the need to greatly increase the dose of the med an addict would use to get high on which compounds the respiritory suppresion both drugs cause. As far as finding an apopraite BT med, as with any LA med, the SA med has to be proportional to the dose of LA meds. If your taking several hundred mgs of morphine, then 1 vicodin would just be a drop in the bucket and not cause an increase in opiates significant enough to be effective. The rule of thumb is usally 20-30% of half your daily dose for BT pain. If your taing 100 mgs of MSC twice a day, 20-30 mgs of SA morphine would be the apropriate BT dose.

It takes 5 days to reach steady serum level. As far as 5:1 conversion from morphine, that's what worked for me, but the reason why meth isn't used as a first line drug is because of the unpredictability of patient response. One patient may do great with a 10:1 conversion and another may need 3:1. It produces the widest patient response of all opiates and this is why it didn't gain popularity after it's invention as a synthetic pain reliever. So just report it's effectveness like any other med, docs usually understand that everyone doesn't convert the same and you may need additional adjustments.

As far as sleep, you have to treat the particular problem it's causing, if your constantly being woken by jerking and twitching, the aproach to better to sleep is to treat it like wrestless leg syndrome. The 30 minute cycles make it sound moe like this type of problem where meds like Mirapex, Requip or Klonopin would be more effctive than conventional sleep aids to induce sleep. If you have a partner to ask, it makes it easier to DX and treat the sleep problem. Otherwise you can waste alot of time and money on sleep aids that won't be effective at keeping you asleep. If you don't have a sleeping partner, you might want to video yourself which may prove to be very informative.

In general opiates and CP cause sleep problems anyway, regardlss of the med or sleep aid it's been 6 years since I slept more than 4 hours straight.
Good luck, Dave