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An MRI showed some arthreitis and disk slippage in lower back. MY right mid back and side along with right hip kills me when I walk or stand too long. The pain is also felt in my right leg . My legs feel heavy, weak and slow to respond especially when driving and going to step on the brake peddle.
This has been going on for about 1 year and recently my legs have started having tremors (even now while at the computer). My back is stiff especially when getting out of bed in the morning. Its a struggle to put on my socks.
I also ocassionaly experience some balance problems. One doctor I went to about a year ago asked me to walk about 15 ft arcoss his office and said I shuffle my feet and have Parkinsons. I have been taking Requip but it rreally doesnt help. Several friends have told me the symptons sound like spinal stenosis. Does anyone else have these symptons? What does it sound like I have to you? Would the leg tremors come from PARKINSONS or could they also be attributed to back problems?