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Like one member said it would probably be a mistake to jump from Hydrocodone to a pump. Your husbands PM doctor surely will prescribe him a long acting opiate such as Oxycontin, Methadone, Duagesic, Kadian,etc and maybe some Percocet or Lortab (hydrocodone) for BT (breakthrough pain) if needed. I have never heard of anyone having back surgery where thier legs twitch or jump violently but I am sure it is possible. Does he have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)? I have seen on TV where they are advertising a medicine called REQUIP for this RLS. Try to exhaust every medical resource and procedure before deciding on the pump. I feel that having a pump implanted should be the last resort as it is usually for life.There are two models a Codman and a Medtronics (you can search both of them on the internet. I have a Codman 3000 (no batteries) it is from Johnson & Johnson Co. There are differences in the Medtronics vs the Codman, my doctor installs both, and has a VHS tape on both that he gives to potential patients so they can hopefully make an informed decision. I knew nothing about pumps when my doctor implanted mine back in 2004 and I was only offered the codman. I was in so much pain and no amount of oral meds would take away the hurt as I am sure I had developed a great tolerance to the narcotics. The tolerance issue was so true for me and I am sure we all get tolerant to a medicine within time. I have even had to have 2 increases in the medicine that goes in my pump over a 2 year period as I have got some tolerance to it. Make sure you have a good doctor, and it never hurts to get a second opinion. Talk openly and honestly with your husbands doctor, I always get my wife to go with me so we both fully understand what is going on. Just explain to the doctor how bad the pain is and his insomnia problems. I think pain and insomnia go hand in hand as I have always had sleep problems since I have had bad back problems. My doctor used to prescribe me Restoril for sleep, but won't anymore. It worked wonderfully but he wouldn't write the script for me anymore. I pray that you all have a doctor that will listen to you all, if not find one that will. Good luck and best wishes. Jeff