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I've been dealing with Parkinson like symptoms since Nov 05. I've had the Parkinson DNA test, 3 MRI's, an EMG and have seen specialist after specialist.

I have tremors in both hands, tingles in both hands and if I am nervous my hands fish flop uncontrollable. Shake all the up my arms, and feel like have ants.

The doctors do not think I have Parkinsons, I was on 9mg of Requip and still had tremors. MRI's clean, Parkinson DNA came back with a pink marker but not Parkinsons. EMG and MRI showed that my 5 & 6 vert in neck were bulging with a pinched nerve. After having B12 tested several times it comes back on the low end of normal every time. The doctor wants me to take B12 shots, I’ve tried B12 prescriptions, didn’t work.

Anybody have any input???