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Well, to make a long story short about 2 months ago,I started having burning in my arms and numbness that lasted about a week then it was gone.Then I had a severe tremor in my right hand that lasted about an hour. Two days later I woke up with what later I found was Myoclonic seisures and the tremor in the right hand was back this episode lasted about 5 hours after a trip to the ER and lots of drugs. I have now been having the jerks for a month and a half. The burning is gone but the numbness still comes and goes as well as the tremor. The myoclonus is sparatic sometimes lasting all day every couple of seconds, other days none at all. The Dr.'s have done MRI's, spinal taps and tons of labs. The only thing that was off was I had an elevated White blood count in my spinal cord. They have put me on requip, klonopin, and now lamictal for seisures. It is not like full blown seisures though, my whole torso jerks, muscles tighten then release. The dr told me that he hadn't seen myoclonus present like this since his residency 20-25 years ago. Big help! So, now they are sending my to the University in Denver to a movement disorder specialist. Whatever that is. At first they thought MS but know I have no clue what they think since my tests all seem normal.They said they know it is in my brain or spine. Anyone know or have experienced anything like this? Is a movement disorder specialist the best place to go??? Thanks tanda