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hello. i am a 46 yr old female. i was diagnosed w/ myofacial pain syndrome, chronic recurring tendonitis and mild carpal tunnel about 12 yrs ago. i was on all sorts of meds for this. pain killers, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, antianxiety meds, blah, blah, blah. i was so out there on all these meds it was nearly impossible to function normally. i slowly weaned myself off all but muscle relaxants and antianxietys with the guidance of my rehabilitation specialist. i take the muscle relaxants (Soma) and Xanax only as needed for flare ups, along with many,many long hot showers or tub soaks. I am sorry if i'm going on and on but i want to get the history out there. Recently( 3 mos or so ago) i started having pain on the top of my left foot (non-traumatic) with alot of swelling .i saw an MD and was put on Prednisone. no help. went back to MD. was put on celebrex. had some minor swelling. about 6 days later i started having really bad achey bouts in ankles, shin bones, knees, thigh bone, and hip. all on left side. went back to doctor and was put on Requip. MD thinks possible RLS. i am not convinced. meds didnt do much. i was on for 14 days. i get EXTREMELY fatigued at simple tasks. drying off after a shower for instance. .it is my entire body . it feels like i have been very physical when in fact its just simplely emptying the dishwasher, or taking laundry out of washer or dryer. i also had my hormone levels checked several mos ago ,the report says post-menopausal levels. any advice is sooooo very welcome. thank you in advance