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Greetings Dear Friends,
I attended my first meeting with my rheumy in over 4 years. He is quite knowledgeable but a bit arrogant, which always cracks me up.
He is wanting to change a couple of my meds and said he would write a letter to my GP. So I said what if she won’t do it? He says, get this, she will if she gets a letter from a specialist. I busted out laughing and said, my but we are a bit arrogant today.
All he is changing is he wants me to have access to vicodin at a rate of 2 a day specifically for fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. And he asked me to try requip so I did last night. Cut my neurontin by 600mg and added a .25 requip.
Taking into account that I drove 5 hours yesterday and the new med I did not sleep much. I will give it a fair try, 21 days as requested.
I really did not learn anything new there. Did not expect to, but you never know. Went ahead and made an appt for 4 months away. Reality is, with all this lovely arthritis and the fibro and the myofacial, it makes sense to check in with him a bit more regularly, giggle. He does have that wee bit of power that enables him to order tests and script drugs.
I was explaining to my daughter, in front of him, that it is my body and I know it as he never will. He on the other hand has knowledge and schooling I do not. Together we make a good team. Ultimately tho it is my choice and my decision. If I do not put out the effort and do my part, his part is useless to me. And a waste of both our time.
Daughter also sees him. We had our appts together. Daughter is not taking her meds properly, if at all, and wonders why she is in so much pain. Hello??? kids!! Setting the example does not always get thru at first. In time. Poor baby is in the denial, do nothing stage. How well I remember, and wish I could spare her, but it is a stage she must go thru to come out the other side.
Other than a body that is wearing out at a meteoric rate I am doing absolutely wonderful. Brain is on straight as it can be given who I am, giggle. Mind set is good. The path I am on is one the doc agrees is most excellent. Physical therapy and all. Must add more exercise. I really need the muscles back in my legs to take the burden off my knees. Then he says no to dance, no to hiking. He says low impact exercise, okay, if I want to spend 10 years getting it back. Not. Like I told daughter, I know my body. When she says stop I listen.
I have a friend who says I push myself too hard. He is right, I do. If I don’t, who the heck will?????
I do hope all of you are keeping a peaceful heart and a joyful mind to over ride the pain body reports rather regularly.
ps. any comments on requip???
Hi BLue Lake:

I really love your attitude. It makes life a little easier than being bitter. I appreciate your posts, ALWAYS.

I've never taken requip, so I have nothing to say other than what I stated above.

hiya kids,
i'm back from the other side of hades. it was the new medicine. looks like requip is not for me. severe muscle pain, nausea and itching. back to good old neurontin. i feel so much better since i quit them. only two tablet over two days and i was a mess. side affects, sheesh!
gonna dance a bit this morning while i bake pumpkin bread. i do the bed dance and do hip dancing on the floor, chair dance, you name it and i can dance on it, giggle. today i will dance with imaginary gold and silver threads swirling about me, winding in and out.
not to worry sid. i have a grand sense of direction. even in cities where i am surrounded by buildings. i love getting lost. maybe we can get lost and our fibrobrats won't be able to find us? yea!!
mim i am so happy you are losing weight and getting acitve. i love fire too. leaves burning in early winter, marshmallows in hand, all bundled against the cold at my back. first, of course, i must have the absolute heaven of leaping into the pile of leaves and digging my way to the bottom only to surface on the other side.
oh yea, mim, when i do the bed dance, well, i don't look like i am having a seizure, maybe one of those exotic dancers. giggle. needless to say i dance solo abed. go ahead, laugh. i do. if a stranger came to my door they would have to pass the slider to my bedroom. can you imagine??? it is most excellent for my abs tho.
goldie come dance the waltz with me. i love to waltz and i know you know how. since i am such a libber, may i lead?
glojer i look forward to hearing from you when your blasted computer pulls it's head out of it's modum. on the mountain this weekend i spent so much time in meditation with you all. i cannot express the joyful energy i feel there when i focus on you all east, north, and south, of this spot i stand on, atop the mountain, alone and yet not alone. i see the threads of your energy in the suns rays thru the clouds. i see it in the glittering fireworks that are the suns light dancing on the water. i am surrounded by friends. so peacful.
thank you all for being here. thank you for being such good kind souls with delightful senses of humor and strong spirits. you are the frosting on my cake.
peace, love, giggles, dance,