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hello there Pumpkinqueen. welcome to the fabulous fibro board:wave:
doesn't it feel good to finally get a dx. once we get dx we have to go through so much trial and error to see what will work for us as far as meds and daily activity. it seems that no 2 of us are exactly alike and sometimes have been through years of different meds to try and exercises to try before we see what works for us.
after i think 4 yrs i have finally found what works for me to at least keep me functioning. i have been through i think 4 different docs.
i have one now who is really compassionate and doesn't make me feel like i am faking or anything. some do not think that pain meds help but they help me.
i take Norco, Soma, Cymbalta, Requip and Rozerum for all my aches.
don't get me wrong, i still hurt but nothing like i do when not on meds.
we are here for you.