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i am on 7 different meds and i think that one of the most important thing to do is to drink plenty of water. also a good thing to do is have plenty of fiber in your diet to help keep the stuff in your body moving good.
although i should take my own advice on this one, exercise is super important. any movement is better than no movement.
my meds are Norco, Soma, Cymbalta, Requip, Rozerem, birth control pills, and high blood pressure medication.
i am 31 and have gained i think 20pds. i am now trying to lose and doing all these things listed and so far so good.
with our condition it is so hard to get the exercise that we need and it is so much easier for us to put on the weight wether its due to meds or not so i think if we can keep our wieght as close to what we need to we should be alot better.
good luck and i hope that this helps.
so how are you doing?