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i have leg pain also and most of it is related to restless leg syndrome. i know this because at night it is so bad and i can't keep my legs still. it is common with fibromyalgia.
i talked to my doctor and she prescribed Requip. it takes the edge of and i am not moving around trying to find a comfortable position.
she also told me to increase my potassium.
i just read my reply and it sound like a commercial, lol.
hope this helps,
I'm right there with you on that!!! My legs have bothered me for years and initially I was put on a drug for epileptics to stop the RLS. It worked, but my whole body went lifeless and I did not like that feeling. I was then put on Topamax and took it for nearly 6 years until my insurance company bumped it up into a tier three drug. Now, I am taking Requip and am expecting great things from it. The jerking you mentioned happens when the muscles in your legs are beginning to relax. I can be watching TV and my legs jump of the sofa. Sorry you are having such a time!!