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Wow - its been 18 months - actually almost 19. Very frustrating for the body to "fail" at 47 - I'm now 49.

My surgery for spinal stenosis is considered a sucess. That said, the gait issues I had before surgery improved but not perfect. A july MRI did show some permanent "signal" problems in the cord I think in the C5-C6 region. So I continued to seek answers.

I exercise - I swim, go to a woman's gym and walk or walk on the treadmill. I also continue stretching and weight routines I learned from the PT. I was seeing a physiatrist who prescribed Baclofen for muscle spacticity - it was a disaster - slowed my body to a crawl but did help the spacticity a bit. I then saw a neuromuscular specialist - he has me on a small dose of Requip to boost the neuro system -- it's great!! - I feel the best I have in two years and I'm walking almost normal at times. Also, I'm walking and swimming significantly faster than I was a few months ago. I hate medicine controlling my body, but I'll take the results for the moment.