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justmitype -- I too have had no pain - you might want to research my earlier posts - my surgery was Sept 05. The explanation is that the spinal cord itself is constricted, not the peripheral nerves. Right before surgery I had all sorts of symptoms that got worse over a 4-5 month periods, but the first symptoms (which I ignored for a LONG time) was about a year before surgery. My problems just before surgery included -- no right arm swing (the first symptom noticed), right leg not swinging properly, major balance problems - I felt like I needed a cane (I was 47 at surgery), dropping things, tremors, numbness, cold in foot and a "sense of urgency" (not quite incontinence). Most of my symptoms are better except for a bit of a limp (my heel/ball/toe motion doesn't work) and the arm swing along with an ocassional cold foot and a trigger in the right ring finger. A july 06 MRI showed some permanent damage in the spine and a neuromuscular doc says that I might also have parkinson's/parkinsonism in addition to the spine problems (I'm not sure I buy that, but Requip is helping me at a very small dose). All that said, while my walking is "funny" - I have NO PAIN and do lots of exercise (will probably try tennis with hubby this afternoon). Hang in there!!!