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Hi Nanerlblue: Welcome... I've never heard of these types of probs with Forteo or Requip, and I've been taking Forteo for 13 months. I have 2 teeth that need to be pulled, not breaking off, but the problems started several years before I started on the Forteo and I've never taken Requip. Do you have any idea which med you think is causing it?

I've done a lot of reading on Forteo and haven't heard this complaint, but I'll keep an eye out for it just in case. Let us know how it goes. When you stopped the Forteo did the problem stop?

Good luck with all this:angel:
I want to hear from people who had this loss of teeth. Remember that this happened directly after I finished forteo. I had had only one cavity my entire life. My cardiologist confirmed the loss of calcium due to use of parathyroid hormone which is what forteo is. To go in a short time from one cavity (when at that time the dentist told me I had twenty-five year old teeth) was an horrendous adjustment. I have a friend who had all of these problems. In two years I went from 25 year old teeth to 85 year old teeth when I was only 65. I do not see that I said anything about requip. (I am interested in the way in which you may have thought that I took or did not take requip.) I only desire to hear from people who have had a similar problem to me. How nice that it may have worked for you. It ruined my bones, my equanimity, and my teeth. Not a wonderful event.
Hi Naner... Well good luck, I just haven't heard of this happening to anyone, but I'm sure if it has, you'll be hearing from them shortly:) What does the dr say about this??? Maybe you could call Eli Lily and ask them if anyone has reported this side effect.

You mention the loss of teeth and requip in another post, so from what you said, it sounded like they were related.

Sorry for all your problems and I hope you find a solution to it!!!

Good luck...
I just started Forteo for severe osteoporosis, and requip for rls, I have never had a cavity in my life. When did you notice a problem with your teeth. I go to my Cardio Dr today I plan to ask about the tooth lose as my bottom two right teeth are now loose.