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I totally understand what you are saying. I get up at 6am with my kids during the school year and by the time I get them off to school, 7:30am or so, I can't function....I have to go lay down and sleep. Sometimes it's for 4 hours!!! It's like you can't control it, you have things you know in your mind you want to get done or do, but you simply cannot do them. I too, stare into space, looking at nothing, just sit. I am a type "A" personality and for me to just sit like that, is really strange for me.

I hate this, it is so hard to function on a daily basis. I feel like life is passing me by. I have restless leg syndrome also, and it's gotten worse since I have had another bout with CFS...going on 4 months now and so I have to take Requip for it. I wonder if there is a link between them?

Just know you are not alone! I'm right there with you!