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In the process of trying to figure out my gait (walking) issues post laminectomy, I've been seeing a neuromuscular specialist. He's looked at the spacticity in the leg and the slight tremor in my arm and feels that I have Parkinson's Disease in addition to the spinal stenosis (I'm 49 yo). It's been hard to accept, but a small (very small) dose of Requip (1mg 3x/day) reduces the spacticity in the leg and I do feel a lot better taking it than not taking it.

I recently saw an alternative med oriented chiro (didn't let her touch the neck, but she didn't try to either). She actually said that my body was in good alignment except for some ligaments because of the limping and recommended that I continue the sacrial cranial massages that I get about every 3-4 weeks and that I got back to the PT to double check my exercise routine.

She did say however that she's heard that there is a link between c-spine issues and parkinson's. Anyone else see anything on this? You would think that my NS (who noticed the tremor and ignored it) or the neuromuscular doc would have said this.