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I have RLS too. It showed up on my second sleep study. Did not even know I had it until 2 months ago. Then It hit me, kept me awake several hours, could not control it. I found relief taking requip. Before I started taking it I had to "discover" how many nights I had it. Im at least 20 times per month. RLS does get worse over time. It also goes into remission. Don't know how long in remission. I decided I needed to sleep. I made the decision to take requip.

May this be a help to you,

Diane (kutztown07)
[QUOTE=jessi80;3180321]Thank you so much Kutztown07 and Kirstee. Any info helps and I am willing to try anything at this point. I did not know it could go into remission. That makes sense. Thank you!!

My husband has suffered with RLS long before it had a name. He tried so many different "remedies" that by the time Requip came along he was past desperate. It raised his blood pressure and did not help alleviate the RLS.
It was quite by accident I noticed that whenever he ate sugary items his RLS was worse. He has since cut back his sugar intake and for the first time in his 65 years his RLS has stopped, at least enough to get some sleep. He is so happy, he has cut out as many sugar items as he can find.(This man loves sweets) With each elimination his RLS fades a little more.
I hope this helps others. It is such a simple, safe remedy, well, simple if it is easy for you to give up sugar. Try cutting back and see if it helps.