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Back in the Saddle

I thought I remembered you having horses and hence the moniker. My doc said no (downhill) skiing and I can live with that. I am playing some tennis - I tried golf and had a few bad days so I''m not sure if that's good for the neck.

When I got off the baclofen I was put on Requip (a very low dose) - it's supposed to also make you sleepy but it actually keeps me up - I usually wake at 3am and 4am and go right back to sleep but I get up in the 5am hour to exercise.

I'm 49, I've had problems for three years, surgery (C4-C7 laminectomy) was 2 years ago. Some things get better, some worse, but as much as I hate not walking properly I'll be happy if things stays stable. I have to walk my daughter down the aisle next May - I just shopped for shoes - I found a lovely pair of 2 inch heels but I just couldn't walk in them and I wound up buying a fancy but tight fitting sandle.

I too am concerned what my 50-60's will bring, but meanwhile I take it as it comes.