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Hi all, I don't think I've posted much here, but would like to get some input.

I have had FMS for 7 years. Doctor took me off my job 6 years ago. I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, had one lobe removed 10 years ago, and I think my fm started after that, I've never felt good since. Official dx was 7 yrs ago. I'm now facing removal of my remaining thyroid lobe because of a recurrence of the multinodular goiter that caused the first surgery.

The goiter causes a full feeling in my throat, which causes me to clear my throat, which causes throat irritation, which causes coughing fits, which causes me to lose sleep, which causes worse fatigue, which causes worse pain. Did you follow that? LOL

For the time being, my doc and endo are working to attempt to get my thyroid under control and avoid surgery. But after night one of not sleeping well, I am fatigued and at about a 6 on 'the scale'. By night two, RLS sets in compounding the problem. Night 3, I have excruciating pain in my thighs that hits 25 on the scale and stays there until I do get a good solid nights sleep. Once I get a good sleep in, I start all over in the cycle.

At present, I am taking Requip, but only the .5 dosage. I have two separate bottles, one a .5 for everyday and a 1.0 for when I will have time to sleep in the next day and have to get a recharge. The 1.0 dose knocks me out cold for 10-12 hours.

I have 3 kids, two teens and a toddler. The older kids are involved in all sorts of activities, sports, band, and academic things like Quiz Bowl and Odyssey of the Mind. I run them here, run them there, never stop running. The baby, almost 4, is adopted. She has Fragile X disease and Moderate Mental Retardation, and Autism. Needless to say, she requires constant attention. Thankfully, she attends Easter Seals Preschool where she receives PT, OT, Speech and Behavior therapies. Even more thankfully, the expense is 100% covered by Medicaid since she is technically disabled. She will graduate from preschool in August 2009, and we plan to homeschool her. Maybe mainstream her for Kindergarten and see how it goes.

I also manage to coach youth soccer, serve as Vice President of the local soccer association, serve as Treasurer of the ES parents guild, play on adult recreational soccer team, referree soccer (yes, our lives revolve around soccer lol) and am in training to start a soccer club for children with disabilities. I also manage to work, 6 days a week now, cleaning houses. I only work for ladies I am friends with IRL, so they all know and understand my life and my pain. They know I will show up, I might not get done, but I will show up. I have this annoying habit of cleaning everything, so I might get a few rooms done, floor to ceiling, and never touch the rest of the house. I have gotten the reputation of being the best around, and turn down people every day. I'm only doing Saturdays for a neighbor with 5 kids and 7 grandkids, she homeschools them ALL. (her older 2 with the 7 kids are grown and gone, but live in the neighborhood and go to school at mom's) So, she's gotten a bit behind. I've taken one room each week and scrubbed and organized it. I finally finished the downstairs after 8 weeks, and if I can force myself up the stairs, will start on it lol.

All this exercise keeps me, I think, on a lower pain scale than some of you. I don't recommend my hectic schedule to anyone, but it works for me.

The questions I have (you knew I'd get there huh?) Has anyone tried Requip and had the same results as me, the TKO on the 1.0? I feel like I need better management of the RLS symptoms, and I was dx'd with it while my thyroid was controlled, but it's gotten far worse with the thyroid probs. My husband says some nights he'd swear I am running the Boston Marathon, at a sprint. I've had to learn to keep my toenails clipped off short to keep from clawing his legs to death. I swear, one moring his legs looksed like he'd been attacked by a cat, and that was befpre we had a cat. Have any of the other RLS meds worked better if you've tried Requip? If you do take an RLS med, do you still have days where your legs hurt so bad you can do nothing but sit and cry? It's gotten so bad that I've taken 2 ultram, 2 tylenol, and 2 advil- all at once, and felt only slight relief. And a massive stomach ache lol. I have also tried heat, massage, ice, various rubs and creams, even some narcotos analgesic cream my pain doc gave me when I was going in for weekly TPI's.

Well, i don't know if any of this makes sense. I feel fine but the fog is there. It's taken me the better part of an hour to type this all out. I was correcting my typos at first, but now I just don't care, so sorry if some of it is unreadasble. I just can't be bothered to care after a while, know what i nean?
hi js,
have you tried neurontin yet? i have been taking it for 8-10 years now. can't remember. there are still some nights when nothing works. mostly tho it helps me. at least i am not dancing around like a cat with a flea all day like i was. requip was one of the meds my body did not like. can't remember how my body reacted.
i congradulate you on your activity level. well done!! you are right, activity is key to staying up and moving with fibro and rls.
welcome to our side of the street. hope to see you here often.