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I have never replied to a post before, but have read a few....anyhow, I find my symptoms are quite like yours. Mine started out with imbalance like holding onto walls when I got up and staggering. Then the speech problem developed. I went to a regular physician and she sent me to an ear doctor who had me get an MRI. I didn't go back to him because I was also still having trouble with possible allergies. So, went back to regular doctor. She looked at MRI and said I should see a neuro. Went to him and although I didn't realize it at the time, couldn't even touch my nose. I walked crooked that kind of thing. It was an entire month before I could get back in to see him knowing and fearing my symptoms were worsening. Kept feeling like eggs had been cracked and were running over my face! Also speech was worse. After I saw him a second time, he scheduled a spinal tap. Forgot go mention that the first time he took numerous vials of blood for every test possible I think--even the lab techs commented that they had never taken so many vials before! Anyhow, the spinal said MS. Went on Rebif 2 weeks later and that was 14 months ago. The fatigue is bad and saw the neuro yesterday and he wants me to go on Provigil. Stop Ambien CR and Gabapentin. I also take Requip as needed as well as aspirin and several vitamins. The worst problem I have is my eyes.....so sensitive to lights. Neuro said that is one thing they cannot help. Also muscle in eyes cause me to feel that they are moving. Hope I am describing that right. Anyhow, just wanted you to know you are not alone in your symptoms and frustrations. I do get feelings of sadness sometimes, but not often. It does help to know we aren't alone out there. Sometimes feel stupid when knees buckle and you stagger. I do not think anyone without these symptoms can completely understand. My husband does very good, but for example he will say, Did you notice how bright and pretty the snow is? He should know I can't look at it. Oh, well, I have complained enough. Sorry about that.