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Since Oct I've had tooth pain. Dentist wasn't sure but did a crown. Problems continued. Associate spent an hour with me recently and couldn't pinpoint a problem tooth so sent me to endodontist (appt is Jan 9). I was in horrible pain still, saw yet another associate who said it's my muscles - he massaged the face and wow pain went away. He suggested Aleve and at least I've been able to function.

In same time frame my gait issues have gotten a bit worse and I'm waiting for new MRI (taken Dec 19) results. Anxiety probably has some level of play here - lots going on including a sick Dad out of town.

My original problem was spinal stenosis and I had cervical laminectomy C4-C7 in sept 05. Ongoing problems have lead the neuromuscular specialist to diagnosis a "parkenism" syndrome and I take a small dose of Requip which helps some muscle stiffness. Most frusrtating issue is that my leg doesn't swing properly when I walk.

I thought i've seen elsewhere about a TMJ link - any experiences here with that?

Yes I saw your posts and was hoping you'd reply. Stress is so much a factor - besides the stress of the ongoing spinal issues I'm planning my daughter's wedding, my out of town Dad is under hospice care (as in the phone will ring any minute) and I have some other local business issues I'm dealing with - nothing awful but it alll pulls at the stress and time factors.

My new MRI shows that I'm "the same" as I was at an MRI taken about 9 months after surgery - that said there is still compression C5-C6 and "a signal intensity" issue in the cord. The neuro said at some point I might need more surgery - he thinks that I have both the neuro issues and a parkinson syndrome - I feel that the spine is the cause of most of my on-going problems - that said I've gotten some relief from Requip (a PD drug) and because there wasnt anything significant in the MRI he wants me to try Azilect (also a PD drug) - the requip did make a difference when I started with it, I'm only two days on the Azilect. Hubby doesn't want more surgery but if the benefits outweigh the risks I'd consider it again. He thinks my feeling that "I'm getting worse" is mostly stress.

Anyway Mona thanks for the reply. I see the dental specialist on 1/9 if I'm not in FL w/family.