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Hi to all,

I have posted a few times, but mostly listen. I have back pain and fibromyalgia and RA.

I go to a family dr., a rheumy dr., a gastro dr., a gyno.dr., a blood dr., a cardio dr., and I have an internist. So, I get some meds from almost all these drs.

My sister just called me and told me that she, her daughter and one of my daughters, thought that I was taking too many medicines. Especially anxiety type. Of those I only take Effexor and valium 1 - 2 times a week.

My pain medicine is Tramadol 300 mg., 2 x day. I also take RA meds and Lyrica for fibro. Plus nadolol, requip, and steriod meds. Plus a vitamin, I think that is the total.

So, in your opinions, do I take too much meds for my illnesses.

I cannot exercise because I am in too much pain. But I drive at least 3 days a week. Mostly to see my mother (dementia and uncontrolled diabetes) and pay her bills and visit.

One more thing, I do not get enuf sleep, because of my illnesses. I am fixing to start taking my sleeping pills (about 1 every other day). Another, one more things, I have been told that I have dialated eyes and that I slur my words. Part of the later is because I have sores on my tongue.

So, if you can, will yall help me to figure some of this out! I am unable to go to a psych dr., because my insurance does not cover that.

Take care, Wannabe