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Hi Tigger. Its not common to have RLS with MS, however it is INCREDIBLY common to have muscle spasms with MS....muscle spasms, especially at night a a refrequent complaint......did you dx yourself with RLS or did a doctor?

If you have an MS dx, most doctors will prescribe you a muscle relaxant or something similar to take at night, to help you control this; however it also depends on what MS meds you are already taking...if you take an interferon, REbif, Avonex, or Betaseron, you can take muscle relaxants- but you cant take some of the RLS meds (requip, etc) they raise the liver functions too much.....so, please, first make absoutely sure its RLS and NOT Muscle spasms, which can feel very much the same- and second, make sure your doctor knows what you are taking overall....most neuros dont treat RLS, so if you are seeing a GP for that, be sure he is aware of what the other doc is prescribing.
[QUOTE=tigger77;3444116]Hi all. I'm new to this website and can see myself quickly getting addicted.
I'm 30 yrs old and was diagnosed Nov 2005. I was wondering if anyone out there has Restless Leg Syndrome (as well as MS), and what they might do to help it? Nights are so terrible for me as it's either leg pain, or spasms, or both, and I just need to get up and walk around all night. I've read up on it all, but sometimes people find something that helps the condition, that you can't read in a book!
I'd be so grateful for any help. Tigger. x

Not me, but my mom has RLS and Parkinson's. She take Requip. Even with the requip, she, too, has to walk when her legs are "acting up".