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Kass, restless legs can happen in your arms, too. I've had it in both, but nothing like my father-in-law; flexeril is the only thing that I tried that helped mine. I remember sitting in his hospital room while my f-in-l was recovering from back surgery and just praying the entire night that the jumping would stop and let him sleep. (The docs didn't get it that the sedentary recovery was making it worse and would not increase his dose.) I just watched his legs work all night and it broke my heart into. The next day I had my m-in-l bring me the meds she had at home and I gave him more without any doc approval and told them right to their faces I was doing it. Demon legs.

Requip kept his under control for quite some time... first one pill, then three. Now he uses mirapex three times a day and it is completely under control. At one point, this giant of a man looked at my husband and said, "I'd rather be dead than live like this." My husband tenderly told him stories of when he would not let them give up. It was a sweet moment, but if the giant caves with rls, you know it's a demon.
I've taken more than 10mg before. Requip and Mirapex do make my f-in-l sleepy. You get two heavy cans and lift them from your shoulders up to the sky, from your hips out to across from your shoulders, etc., and that can help some too. I know the weights help; you can take your boys on airplane rides with your feet and that might work the calves--there's a machine at our clubhouse that does better, just winging it here. I wish you sleep tonight. Heating pad and massage are what I read for my f-in-l. Take care!
My husband had RLS so bad he looked like he was running. Finally, after trying valium and other things Requip settled him down. He also takes Ambien. Until you've had restless legs you just can't describe the feeling. I also had restless arms and legs. That's the first time I've heard that anyone else had it. It was terrible. I didn't suffer like my husband but did every once in awhile. The funny thing is I haven't experienced it at all since taking Lyrica. Maybe it's helped that too.
Thanks Marywoo :). I'm doing well... ready to try out the trigger point massage today!

Dang, Kass, I'd hate to tell anyone to give up their coffee in the morning... especially folks like us! But that's what the specialist at Emory told my f-in-l. And stress always made his worse, always! I don't have it like y'all, as bad as y'all, but I can remember taking him to doctors, the doctors being late, and his temper starting to boil. The RLS on the trip home was awful. We took him to Johns Hopkins for a different thing and after all the expense of getting him up there and my executive husband taking 9 days off work, his RLS totally screwed the entire test. No one figured in the stress and sedentary trip in his meds and so the RLS was out of control again. For the test, he had to be still--nothing could keep him still. My kids were starting school the week they scheduled him so I couldn't be there with him and my husband didn't know how to deal with his defiance. RLS is always worst at night, for him, for me, and for all the folks they've researched. Requip/Mirapex will help!

The best doc I know of in the nation for RLS is Dr. David Rye at Emory in Atlanta. He spent an hour and a half with my f-in-l and was extremely thorough. He has it himself.