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i am sitting here now dreading going to work or even getting in the shower, just want to lay here and do nothing. I have hypothyroidism, been on med since early 80's, dose is .175, as well as unexplained chronic annemia, had all the test including bone marrow, and several infusions, and the level always drops back down. tried the slow fe and other over the counter, and only gain weight and get constipated. I don't even try them anymore. I also have sleep apnea and am on cpap machine, which i use faithfully, on the outside chance I will have some energy in the mornings. Also on antidepressants, surprise! They ran a new test yesterday called a ferritin, the results came back very high, which seems contradictory to chronic annemia, can someone explain this. The put me on requip for restless leg syndrome, which is not helping the tiredness this morning. I am 5'6" and 175 lbs. Doc says if I lose weight will help with apnea, he doesn't realize the only energy i have is from food, and that is short lived. I guess my question at the bottom of all of this is which step should I take next to try and get some relief. :)