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Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this thread. I felt so petty complaining about my feet hurting, but I feel better to know that I am not nuts, it has to be the fibro. Allie, I had a PAD workup a few weeks ago at my cardiologist, so the circulation is fine there. I do have RLS (on Requip) and have almost kicked myself out of bed at times. I have horrible pain in the legs at times, and I do massage my feet every night with lotion. I have just started using Biofreeze on my legs every night to ward off some of the pain. I will try the stretching as someone described. I have always done foot pumping exercises when I have a bad day and lie down more than up. I try to avert any thromboli in the legs, Gee, we have so much to deal with and worry over.

I do try to wear shoes, but I have a hard time keeping them on. Even the lightest of footwear feels like they weigh a ton on some days. Has anyone tried Lidoderm patches for the RLS or the pain in the feet? I just wondered if they would stay on (they are so expensive) during the night.

thanks again for all the info and ideas. I get more info here than from all the doctors I have seen.