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I am soooo glad I found this board! You guys have been a blessing to me just in reading some of the past posts.

I am 57 years old, and feel like I'm falling apart. I have seen my cardiologist, gynocologist, rheumatologist, and primary care physicians. I have been poked and prodded, and have had 6 blood draws in as many weeks. I have an appointment with a neurologist next week.

Background: I was on Lipitor for about a year to lower my cholesterol (no one warned me about statin drugs). In the past six months or so, my legs have become so painful and weak (thigh area) that I have difficulty walking. A blood draw showed a creatine kinase of 510; way high, so the Lipitor was discontinued immediately. The CK has been slowly going down until it is now normal, but the leg issues continue. Additionally, I am experiencing:

dizziness (to the point of not working/driving)
extreme fatigue
tingling in hands
memory problems
confused/foggy feeling

So, I am on [COLOR="Purple"]Requip for the RLS (no relief) and [COLOR="purple"]Effexor for the depression. Additionally, my gp has prescribed (but I've not yet taken) [COLOR="purple"]Tricor for the cholesterol, [COLOR="purple"]Flexeril for relaxing my muscles, and physical therapy for the leg pain.

A friend suggested B12 deficiency, and after doing alot of reading (including learning that the [COLOR="purple"]Nexium I have been taking has been linked to B12 deficiency), I "insisted" that I have a B12 draw and urinalysis. Yes, I had to insist on the labs. The [COLOR="Red"]B12 came back at 191.

I just spoke with the doc, who does not seem alarmed (remember, she didn't think of running this test), and suggested I go to the health food store and get a B-complex vitamin and see her again in 6 weeks. That's all. [COLOR="Red"]This does not seem like the preferred course of treatment to me. Shouldn't we be looking at absorption issues and boosting that B12 faster than a "complex" vitamin will? I have no idea what my ferritin level is (or even what that means). Maybe more bloodwork is needed also?

Comments, please. You all have much more experience in symptoms, diagnosis and treatment than the docs seem to have. I would love to have your direction and encouragement.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but no one has understood what I'm going thru... until now! ;)

Thanks so much!

aJILLity :wave: