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I just had a sleep study done due to severe fatigue and depression. I was expecting to have sleep apnea, and need cpap. When the study was over I was informed that I was awoken about 90 times during the night from the nightime version of restless leg syndrome. (PLMS) My legs were twitching every 15 seconds while asleep, and it was startling me awake. The Dr started me on requip to try and stop the twitching. Has anybody heard of this before? It totally took me by surprise, but I'm glad I had the study done. I snore also and had a few apnea events but nothing to need a machine for.
I'd be interested in hearing if you experience any side effects from the Requip. My neighbor tried it for a short time and could not tolerate it at all. I have been taking Mirapex for a long time; probably at least 5 years now, and it works well and I have not noticed a single side effect. (This is for RLS). I take one in the early evening and one at bedtime.

Let me know how you do! Good luck.

I do also agree with your assessment of most doctors...

Blessings, Tex

Not to worry....I think your warning is important for every RLS sufferer to consider.

I'll get more info on the hormones and start a new thread soon so we can discuss.

On the sleep study and RLS....

I knew I had RLS, since I was a teenager (many, many moons ago). I can remember going to the movies and having antsy feet. Never knew what it was until my insomnia got bad enough to see a specialist in my 30's. It makes me mad when I hear that some believe this is a made-up disorder, allegedly so that the drug companies have something else to make money on. My daughter has RLS, too (she is an adult), so I wonder if genetics play a role. The sleep study I had confirmed I had RLS, but I didn't need the study to know I had it.

Some sleep studies will show periodic limb disorder as opposed to RLS. (I'm not sure how they can tell, though!) My neighbor's sleep study showed the former, and her doctor prescribed Requip. She had a negative reaction to the Requip, though, and so far, is going without anything else. But she is still having disturbed sleep and is very tired. It just goes to show you how easily your sleep can be impacted by things....