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I am not twenty but 35 and I have been living with ddd for the past 10 years. When you are first told that it is a "slow progressing disease" you think you have a while to deal with it. Well here I am now at 35 taking 15 pills a day from methadone for pain, hydro, soma, robaxin, restoril, requip,, zonegran, xanax, wellbutrin and several others. My life feels like it revolves around pills and sleep. My husband started out very supportive but it has come on so fast that it is hard for everyone to adapt too. It started where he would tease me about taking an afternoon nap around 2pm every day to being totally upset now that it is everyday I have to take a nap. I have three children who are 14 -8-7 and they stopped taking naps and mommy starts. I hate feeling like I am in another world and when I can't remember something my husband says it is because I am always drugged up. I can't drive a car anymore, or go for a walk with the kids, I have had 5 spine surgeries with the last one being a spinal fusion that did not take at all. I hate to see people go through this at any age. I feel like my life is over before it started. I wear a brace full time I use a walker and in fact fell the other day before I could grab the walker because my right leg has neurological damage to it which is why I can't drive a car and it buckled underneath me and I fell and broke my left arm. I have been trying to get disability for several years and of course was denied because of my age. I had a hearing with a judge last summer and was denied I appealed to the appeals council in Virginia they reviewed the case and found that the judge did error and put it back up again for reconsideration. That was great until I found out that you always go back in front of the same judge. I have an attorney know and another hearing the 30th of July so we will see. My children are suffering the most I believe I am suffereing physically and mentally but they suffer because without my income they can't do the things they should be able to do like baseball and bowling leagues or football extra things in the summer to take their mind of the fact that their mother can't leave the house. With the extra money I could hire someone to take them to those things or at least sign them up instead of them having nothing....
I totally understand your pain and where you are coming from and how your boyfriends feels and it is horrible to feel that you are getting burnt by bothe ends. You have something you can't control taking over your life and you can't stop it.